The #LowerEd “So What?”

This week I’ve been writing about questions that emerged from “Lower Ed”, starting with some critiques of the book. I discussed how I chose my case study, how I triangulated data, how I think about “public sociology“, and how contemporary social problems require some innovative methodological approaches. Next, I’d like to discuss the “so what”Read More “The #LowerEd “So What?””

Triangulate That Ish

The last couple of days I have taken the opportunity of “Lower Ed” critiques to talk more about how this project came about, plus a few other tangential issues. Today, I thought it would be useful to talk about something I hinted at on Twitter in my discussion of generalizability given Carrie Wofford’s critique thatRead More “Triangulate That Ish”

Doing Public Sociology

Yesterday, I responded to critiques of “Lower Ed” with an explanation of what sociology is, how my sociological methods work, and what the research process is. Today, I thought I’d expound some more on related issues. People ask me a lot about “public sociology”. I put this in quotes because what people mean by itRead More “Doing Public Sociology”

How I Write

This week on the blog, I used the occasion of Carrie Wofford’s critique of Lower Ed’s weaknesses to expound on some of the process of making that book. It’s nothing personal. The timing just worked. A post is scheduled every day this week:   I am closing out that week of reflection with a much more personalRead More “How I Write”

What #LowerEd Is and Is Not

When I was working on the study that would inform my new book “Lower Ed”, I had a set of questions. Given some recent critiques of the book, it is worth reviewing them. This is also a really great moment to peel back some layers on how the research process goes. First, a summary ofRead More “What #LowerEd Is and Is Not”

O They Mad?

I get this question a lot: what do the for-profit college people say about or to you??? Let me be clear. These people do speak to me. Many of them have followed me for years. They come to my conferences, they email me, they talk down to and about me on social media. Some ofRead More “O They Mad?”

Sociology of Sports + Lower Ed

Someone on Twitter said this to me today: Is this covered in Lower Ed @tressiemcphd ? — KevinLin (@KevinLindsay) March 13, 2017 It’s a link to this video: I have exactly NO IDEA what is happening in that video but it is fascinating. For-profit DeVry University had a basketball team. And…some things happened? TheRead More “Sociology of Sports + Lower Ed”