O They Mad?

I get this question a lot: what do the for-profit college people say about or to you???

Let me be clear. These people do speak to me. Many of them have followed me for years. They come to my conferences, they email me, they talk down to and about me on social media. Some of them are smart. Some of them are nice. Some of them are assholes. Some of them are a little stupid. In short, they are like most people anywhere. They are motivated by some individual interests and some ideological interests and some of them by some altruistic interests.

And, I don’t care what they think.

I don’t care what a lobbyist thinks about my sociology.

I don’t care what a financial speculator thinks about my sociology.

I don’t care what an investment analyst thinks about my sociology.

The question is, why should any of us care what those who eat and live off of public money for private gain think about anything?

That’s the question.

Financiers don’t yet run the world. Financiers and lobbyists aren’t expert in much of anything beyond what makes them money. I don’t have to run my sociology by them and, more importantly, you don’t have to run your vote by them.

Higher education in these United States of America is still up to the public to decide upon. And, until they sell that away, I’ll keep doing my work for publics.


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