Sociology of Sports + Lower Ed

Someone on Twitter said this to me today:

It’s a link to this video:

I have exactly NO IDEA what is happening in that video but it is fascinating.

For-profit DeVry University had a basketball team. And…some things happened?

The intersection of sports and legitimacy in higher education comes up in Lower Ed. Mostly, I use similarly to how Mitchell Stevens uses it in “Creating A Class”, i.e. to demonstrate how cultural industries shape prestige and legitimacy in higher education. And, I have talked here before about how sports team branding is part of the bag of tricks the really well-funded for-profit colleges use to lay legitimate claim to being a “real college”. I hope some sociology of sports person runs with this stuff one day. In the meantime, just enjoy the beautiful disaster that is this video.

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  1. !!! This is blowing my mind, my worlds are colliding. I did not expect to see tressiemc posting Pretty Good! NICE.

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