Who Has Time? Updates and CV

For lots of reasons people frequently ask me for my CV. I almost never have the right/latest version available when they do.

I have read all the blogs and advice about updating your CV immediately after every accomplishment. I think those people are mutants. I simply cannot manage it.

Previously I have hired graduate students to update my CV. A great doc student at Michigan set the standard. Then, I sort of let it languish. I recently hired a brilliant research assistant. She has more important things to do but agreed to help me update the doggone on thing just in the nick of time for applications and what-not.

My new CV is here. Do with that what you will.

Doing my CV causes me a lot of anxiety. I could probably use the therapist that I pay for but rarely talk to about that. I could but I don’t. I suspect the issue is that all of the measures for academic achievement are subjective and fuzzy. Who can know if you are “successful” when the goalposts are constantly adjusted to maintain existing prestige hierarchies, define who is in by who is out, tweaked to justify arbitrary university objectives, fudged to game rankings, and used to rationalize immoral labor arrangements.

This sounds remarkably indulgent for someone who, by some accounts, is having a pretty good couple of years. I get that. But that’s also kind of the point.

You can’t really win in accountability regimes. You can only be counted.


One thought on “Who Has Time? Updates and CV

  1. One pleasure of retirement for whatever reason ~ I have a CV that is many years out of date and likely to remain that way (unless I decide to tackle it as a Guerrilla Educationist parody project)

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