Mo’ Degrees, Mo’ Problems at Facing Race 2012

I am really honored that Julianne Hing invited me to speak about higher education, race, gender, and inequality at the Applied Research Center’s 2012 Facing Race conference.

Not only did it afford me an opportunity to meet dozens of my twitter peeps but it reminded me that my work does not exist in a vacuum. The researcher’s life can be solitary. Facing Race gave me a moment to reflect upon the reasons why I do the work that I do. I am grateful.

The audience was passionate, engaged, and dynamic. They brought a range of experiences, perspectives and audiences with them into the space. One audience member reminded me of the importance of disaggregating minority groups and being specific when I speak about Asian American enrollment patterns. I promise I have the data! I’ll do better about talking about that data.

As I promised my audience I have updated the presentation slides that I totally ditched in my excitement about telling a story to an engaged crowd.
[slideshare id=15228391&w=476&h=400]

I’ve also storified all the wonderful twitter conversation that happened around the talk.

[View the story “Mo’ Degrees, Mo’ Problems” on Storify]

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ETA: Conference volunteer, Neena Pathak, was kind enough to share her panel notes. They are shared here with her permission.

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