Inequality, NOT Ignorance: Race/Class/Gender and For-Profit Colleges

The Race Workshop at Duke’s Sociology department invited me to speak about my research with for-profit students.

I’d like to thank everyone who attended. The talk was well-attended and my hosts were exceedingly generous. A special thank you to Duke’s Robert Reece, Kieran Healy, and Angel Harris for their support and feedback.

Robert and Brian Foster (also of the amazing Still Furious and Brave website) were kind enough to tweet the talk.

Weather permitting, I am also at UW-Madison Monday and Tuesday this week to discuss the matrix of domination, for-profit students, and inequality.

I should also note that Public Agenda’s  new report on for-profit students mirrors many of my findings. It also runs exactly counter to Washington Monthly’s assessment of for-profit students as ignorant. Talk about chapping my hide…

4 thoughts on “Inequality, NOT Ignorance: Race/Class/Gender and For-Profit Colleges

  1. Shoot. I’ll be teaching at both times.
    Well you have a great time here and knock ’em dead.
    I teach at the Tech College (2 year) so I’m particularly disappointed that I’ll miss your talk.
    However in the best tradition of Wisconsin, if I can buy you a beer Monday late afternoon I’d be thrilled to meet you.
    Chris Gargan

  2. I wish I had known about your talk at Duke.. I would definitely go to hear you speak! 🙂 thanks for your blog.

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