At UW-Madison: Race/Class/Gender and the Credentialing Organization

First, I’d like to accept responsibility for climate change. It seems everywhere I travel this week, snow follows. At least this week I am at UW-Madison where snow is evidence of normal weather patterns, unlike the U.S. South.

I have mentioned my study of for-profit students.  I spent about a year interviewing students at for-profit colleges across degree level, race, gender, and class.

One of my guiding questions for that research is, “does race matter to for-profit college enrollment?”

I discussed some of those findings at Duke this week.


I extend that analysis to the ways in which race matters — particularly through gender and gendered parental status. Basically, I examine motherhood and racialized differences in social expectations of mothers as part of the milieu that shapes credential choices.

Which brings me back to snow and UW-Madison.

Monday at noon I will be speaking at the Race brown bag series. Tuesday at 12:30 I speak at the Politics, Culture, & Society series. My hosts at the FemSem series have gone all out. A special thank you to Myra Marx Ferree (and the SWS listserv!) for the invitation.

I packed leg-warmers and I expect them to make an appearance during the next couple of lectures. That is your final warning.

One thought on “At UW-Madison: Race/Class/Gender and the Credentialing Organization

  1. Tomorrow we have a high of 26 and Tuesday it’s shooting into the high 30s. Do not be surprised that this means shorts and t-shirt weather here in Madison. You won’t need leg-warmers as you will be warmed by the midwestern hospitality.

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