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My research studies how we learn for how we work in the new economy. That includes examining academic capitalism, labor market correspondence, alternative (for-profit) credentialing, online education, and the role of digital medias.

My dissertation asks if for-profit colleges are real colleges.  (Preferred citation = “McMillan Cottom, Tressie” but as you can see it is all over the place.)

My latest CV can be found here:  cv_tressiemcmillancottom2016-17-docx


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Selected Talks

McMillan Cottom, Tressie. “The Global Other in US Online Education Rhetoric”. Keynote Address at University Council for Open and Distance Education, University of South Africa. October 2015.

McMillan Cottom, Tressie. “TBA” at Media Pre-conference at American Sociological Association; Keynote Address August 21, 2015.

McMillan Cottom, Tressie. “Public Scholarship for Scholars With Publics” at Scholars Strategy Network, New Orleans LA, April 2015.

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McMillan Cottom, Tressie. “Public Scholarship for Sociologists” at American Sociological Association Meeting, 2014, San Francisco CA.

McMillan Cottom, Tressie. American Federation of Teachers, National Conference, Baltimore, MD, March 2014: “The Precarious Profit in HigherEd”

McMillan Cottom, Tressie. North Carolina Central University (Durham, NC), Mason-Sakora Humanities Lecture, February 2014: “Close Reading the Social”

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McMillan Cottom, Tressie.“MOOCs and Inequality.” at Google’s Fairness Matters Forum, Google, San Francisco CA, November 2013/

McMillan Cottom, Tressie. ““MOOCs and Other Disruptions: Lessons from For-Profit Colleges.”San Jose State University Sociology and Ethics Center, November 2013.


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