The Essay That Almost Wasn’t

Two weeks ago a report was issued about the “adultification” (1) of black girls. It was a familiar story. People of all races and genders perceive black girls as older than they are. This perception is used to justify the interpersonal and systemic abuse of black girls. They are more likely to be punished inRead More “The Essay That Almost Wasn’t”

Ah, Summer

Today, Robert Kelchen posted about how he will be spending his summer. He closed his post with an invitation to other professors to describe their summers, especially for those who think we have summers “off”. I responded: To answer @rkelchen's question: What my summer looks like…for about three days — Tressie Mc (@tressiemcphd) MayRead More “Ah, Summer”

Doing Public Sociology

Yesterday, I responded to critiques of “Lower Ed” with an explanation of what sociology is, how my sociological methods work, and what the research process is. Today, I thought I’d expound some more on related issues. People ask me a lot about “public sociology”. I put this in quotes because what people mean by itRead More “Doing Public Sociology”

How I Write

This week on the blog, I used the occasion of Carrie Wofford’s critique of Lower Ed’s weaknesses to expound on some of the process of making that book. It’s nothing personal. The timing just worked. A post is scheduled every day this week:   I am closing out that week of reflection with a much more personalRead More “How I Write”

A Few Notes on Gaslighting

A few million (mostly) women in the U.S. and abroad marched yesterday. They marched to protest various forms of oppression, symbolized in a new presidential platform that involved explicit racism, sexism, and xenophobia. That seems like a good thing. Today, the President of the United States’ surrogates held several media junkets. The point of theseRead More “A Few Notes on Gaslighting”

So, 2016 Happened

2016 happened. Boy did it happen. It’s that time of year when people I admire start reflecting on their year. I belong to many tribes and each has its own flavor on end-of-year assessments. Academic Tribe Academics recommend reviewing your productivity highlights to remind yourself that you are not a failure. They also recommend reviewingRead More “So, 2016 Happened”