What Is a For-Profit College?

Someone with more time and money than me has created a great web resource for potential students about the difference in missions among institutional types. Now y’all can stop sending all your cousins to talk to me.:) Visit www.forprofitu.org for more clear, insightful information like this: Q: I’ve never heard of Education Management Corporation. WhatRead More “What Is a For-Profit College?”

From HuffPo’s …

From HuffPo’s Chris Kirkham comes an illustrative narrative about the impact of reduced state funding to public higher education and the increase in enrollment seen in for-profits:   Just after she started working for an ambulance company in this suburban enclave east of Los Angeles, Cierra Nelson came to admire the quick decision making andRead More “From HuffPo’s …”

Oh, yeah

I realized that I didn’t link to my own article on my own blog. LOL So, here’s the HuffPo piece on for-profit colleges, race, class, and educational justice. The challenge, for me, was to speak plainly about the many structural inequalities that produce a ready-made population that for-profit colleges serve or prey upon, depending uponRead More “Oh, yeah”

“You Can Do Anything!”

“No, I majored in poetry and clowning.” At about 3:40 this becomes very funny in that “ouch, ouch, hit dog; hollering” kind of way. 😀 Status competition theory meet comedy. http://www.nbc.com/assets/video/widget/widget.html?vid=1379100

Mitt Romney and For-profits

Today the Huffington Post features a story on Mitt Romney’s praising for-profit colleges for their affordability (Mitt Romney’s Rationale On For-Profit Colleges At Odds With Reality). Politics aside for a moment a commenter asked an interesting question: For profit colleges are so great that how many of Mitt’s many kids went to one? Oh, they’reRead More “Mitt Romney and For-profits”