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Amazing Grace: The End of Student Loan Six Month "Grace" Periods

From the Chicago Tribune today comes a story about what, I agree, is a criminally under-reported change in the administration of federal student loans. The byline reads: Starting Sunday, grad … Continue reading

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All Your Skinfolk Ain't Kin Folk?

That’s what my spirit animal, Zora Neale Hurston, is quoted as saying: “All my skinfolk ain’t my kinfolk.” My experiences in academe have been…a textbook case of everything that could … Continue reading

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Reading Privilege

My tweep and friend, Melonie Fullick, has written a great piece about the privilege bubble in academe. It’s in response to an article that many of us in my twitterverse … Continue reading

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How Will I Know How To (Mis)Treat You If I Don't Know What You Are?

Back in the olden days before I understood the weird space the Internet could be I was much  more forthcoming about my personal life. And, by forthcoming I mean I … Continue reading

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The Atlantic Article, Trickle Down Feminism, and my Twitter Mentions. God Help Us All

This is one of those posts that can go nowhere but down. There are things you simply cannot do in this life and slaying unicorns is one of them. What … Continue reading

June 23, 2012 · 31 Comments

NC Senate Denies Victims of State's Eugenic's Program Justice

I was appalled, although not surprised, by the N.C. Eugenics story as it unfolded several years ago. Bodies considered property and cost centers are subject to violent abuses and subjugation … Continue reading

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WebCite and Transforming Academic Internet Wormholing Into Actual "Work"

There’s a current debate among cool academic people (yes, I say that ironically) about the future of public scholarship in the age of social media, collaborative online environments, and more … Continue reading

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