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My research examines organizations, race, and inequality. My current project on for-profit colleges, race, gender, and class contributes to a growing literature on stratification and higher education. I examine the stratified processes that deliver the most vulnerable students into the most expensive, least prestigious, and most contested sector of higher education. Future interests include a comparative organizational study of education and work-life benefits and a discourse analysis of the construction of racism in new media. I teach stratification, sociology of education, race/ethnicity and research methods at the undergraduate and graduate level.

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McMillan Cottom, Tressie. “Democratizing Ideologies and Inequality Regimes in Digital Domains”. Paper presented at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society Series, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. July 29, 2014. Online <PDF>



Intersectionality and Critical Engagement With The Internet

Mapping the Higher Education Margins- An Exploratory Study 

4profits R Us

“Who Do You Think You Are?” Academic Engagement, Microcelebrity and Digital Sociology from the Far Left of the Matrix of Domination

Education Assembly Line: The Trouble With For-Profits

Lead editor (with William Darity Jr.) of “ForProfit U: Profit, Stratification and the Future of For-Profit Colleges and Universities in U.S. Higher Education”. Forthcoming from AERA Publications.


Rationalization of Higher Education” Lead author with Gaye Tuchman. In Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences (Forthcoming) eds. Robert A. Scott and Stephen M. Kosslyn.

 Social Media Strategies at Injury Prevention Non-Profits


Reading Hick-Hop: The Shotgun Marriage of Hip Hop and Country Music

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Sociology of Education

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